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Corrugated Pipes

Düzgünler Corrugated HDPE pipes are starting to use on infrastructurel systems for removing and carrying waste water and liquids. Corrugated pipes have superior resistance against waste waters, chemical materials, corrosion and bad environmental conditions.

Düzgünler Corrugated pipes are also resistant to heavy traffic and soil loads because of their special designs. Corrugated pipes don't affected from seismic movements because of their flexible structures. They provide great fludity speed and can't hang on any dreg and conglomeration due to their inner surfaces' smooth structure and low adhesion coefficient. They are completely hygienic and don't include toxic materials.

Other pipe types left rapidly because of their low resistance and high cost. HDPE corrugated pipes are have service life at least 50 years. Düzgünler Corrugated pipes and pieces produced from high density polyethylene as two wall according to EN 13476-1 standards.

Main Usage areas are;
Sewer systems for municipal waste liquids,
Rain water carrying systems,
Drainage systems,
Water transportig systems with gravity,
Industrial waste-water & liquids installations systems,
Cable Protection for energy and comminications systems.
Advantages of Duzgunler
Corrugated pipes;

Economic and low cost,
Friendly for environment,
Light weight and flexible,
Easy installation and low maintenance,
High fluidty and low friction coefficient,
Durable and long life.

Int. Dia Ext. Dia Pipe Lenght Belling Length Step A SN4 SN8
d(mm) D(mm) L(m) KT(mm) T(mm) (mm) s(mm) s(mm)
ø150 ø178 6.08 140 26.17 7 1.4 1.7
ø200 ø235 6.13 170 31.40 8 1.9 2.4
ø250 ø287 6.14 170 31.40 8.50 2.0 2.4
ø300 ø347 6.14 185 39.25 10.50 2.5 3.0
ø400 ø468 6.11 245 52.33 12.60 3.2 3.8

A : Bolster layer (cement or max. 100mm. Gravel)
B : Dicth width (øD+400 mm)
C : Covering layer
øD : Pipe diameters (mm)
c1 : Top layer(Min 300 mm)
a : 0.25xD
b : 0.75xD
E : Top layer(Min 500 mm)
H1 : Ditch depth
α : Bearing angle

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